A ride sharing platform that provides various immersive experiences in autonomous vehicles for riders while providing marketing opportunities for small business owners and large companies.

Experience Guide

Small business owner or organizations can register to become the host for one or multiple autonomous vehicles that we own. They can either implement their digital marketing materials in our pre-made interior modules, or pay more to get a physical+digital customized set-up.


Customer will enjoy a meaningful experience on the ride that connects to the destination. These experience can either be randomly assigned, specificaly picked or being tied to other activities to be part of the event. (e.g. a ride to the concert is sponsored by the concert organizer.)


With four major trends shaping the future of urban mobility, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, Electrification and Connected Cars, not only will the quality of ride be improving, the definition of a car or a ride is also changing.


This is a two-sided business model but we are mainly getting revenue from the “supply” side.
We charge “Experience Guide” for signing up for our platform and a capital cost for setting up the car interior based on their preferred theme. They can also purchase our “promotion service” to get more exposure with customers.
As for “Audience”, we charge lower or zero ride fee for experiences that are being promoted.