1/1/2020 - 5/7/2020 Singapore
It was a journey that taught me to see things from a business perspective and understand the value of design outside of the designer’s bubble.

From the first day arriving at this magical city, I was constantly amazed by newly found inspirations around me: food, nature, architecture, people, thoughtful design elements embedded in public infrastructure.

During our exchange program at INSEAD, I learned about customer insight, digital entrepreneurship, business model, negotiation, and many things outside of the typical design world.
I collaborated with MBA students with unique backgrounds in different projects varying from a 2-day startup Bootcamp to a 6-week digital product management project. I met so many talented people who are genuine and enthusiastic about what they do.
I learned to be proactive and to be confident about my opinion and my strength as a designer.

At the beginning of March, COVID hit Singapore, and lockdown starts. Invited by my previous teammate, I joined nine other MBA students and co-organized the INSEAD COVID-19 INNOVATION COMPETITION.  I was in charge of designing a LOGO and other visual materials and building the competition website. (Check it out)

V for covid & innovation, X represents endless possibilities.

My story with INSEAD continues as Prof. Manuel Sosa invited us to be the first batch of designers to join the "Design Thinking and Creativity for Business" online program as Design Coaches.

For me, this is more than just a side gig. I always feel humbled by how people with much working experience and achievement in their field are still humble enough to learn about design. I also enjoy looking through different projects and view them as a mini design challenge for myself when giving feedback.

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