9/3/2019 - 12/20/2019 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Understanding a designer’s role in the product development and launch process.

During my 4-month internship at Steelcase, I worked in the Education category designing furniture for modern learning spaces. Although it was impossible to experience the whole product development and launch process, I was lucky enough to contribute to two projects at different stages, which gave me an overview of a designer’s role in the PD&L process.

Most of my work here is about communication and collaboration. I would explore design ideas through sketches, renderings, physical models, and digital models. Then, conversations among designers and engineers/project managers/marketing specialists happen with these mediums' help.
Besides working on projects, us interns also visited several plants to get a closer look at how
things are made.

I’m greatful for this challenging but meaningful experience and for all those snow that I have never seen before : D

“Window” inside of model shop
Design Critique for mini mock-ups
Learning about metal stamping on my yoga mat
Drilling a complicated hole in the shop
Color of the fall
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