9/25/2018 - 12/28/2018 Shanghai, China
Tapping into a fast paced consultancy world.
When I joined this incredible team and jumped on the project, we had just started organizing and synthesizing information gathered from ethnographic research. We developed insights that lead to opportunity areas.
We held ideation workshops with our clients to generate ideas together based on the insights we generated.
I was one of the facilitators during the workshop.
During the prototyping phase, I was lucky enough to take charge of one concept with another user experience designer. We planned out the prototype from scratch with the help of other team members.
And this project won the iF design award! Check it out➞

This 3-month internship was truly a valuable experience for me. I had the chance to participate in an almost full-length process. I learned various design/research/analysis method. I stepped out of the comfort zone and interacted with clients/stakeholders/potential users as designers/facilitators. And I am most grateful to have met all these fantastic people who gave me so many memories and guidance as I just started on my path to becoming a designer.

snapshot from one of our testing session
1 on 1 interviews
Group selfie after our last testing session!
snapshot from one of our testing session
Swagger on duty
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