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Revolve: Decorative Wall Light
Research, Industrial Design, Prototyping
Echo Zhan is a product and spatial experience designer.
Her design falls at the intersection of rigorous research, business strategy, and creative direction.
She enjoys random walks and people-watching as these activities give her peace and inspiration.
Soundpath: Music Installation at Grand Park LA
Spatial Experience, Installation Design
Upside Down: Design intervention at "Under the K"
Spatial Experience, Installation Design
Linc: Adaptive Babystroller
Industrial design, Prototyping, Engineering
Future of banking: Agricultural Bank of China
Research&Strategy, UI/UX, Spatial Experience
Speckle: Educational Toy
Product Design, Marketing Strategy
Node: On-set communication system
Qualitative research & Insights, Product Design
Piggy Bank in A durex/Nike/KFC Campaign
‍Print Ad, Creative Direction
Movie Posters made with snacks
‍Print Ad, Creative Direction
Last updated 12.2.2021
By Echo