Piggy bank, designed for a  _________  campaign
Piggy bank, designed for a  Nike  campaign
Nike’s advertisement is about celebrating the spirit of sports and humanity. Their ad tells stories of perseverance, equality, people believing in themselves.
Piggy bank, designed for a  Durex  campaign
Durex’s advertising is known for being straightforward, humorous, and clever.
We can roughly categorize their messages into three directions:
Promote product features.
Advocate for using a condom.
Speak up for social events with a bit of Durex humor.
Piggy bank, designed for a  KFC  campaign
KFC’s campaign plays with fun concepts that don’t necessarily tell people how good their food tastes but finds ways to spark people’s desire for KFC. Their campaign aims to resonate with the audience of the happiness of having a KFC meal.
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