Project Brief

Lights at home directly connect with our wellbeing, much like natural light does over the course of a day. Revolve explores the possibility that light can help us focus, relax, savor the moment, and transition between activities.

Project Timeline

May - Aug 2021
Initial design development & prototyping
Dec 2022 - Current
Continuing development under the lighting brand Kādns

In ancient times, human build their rhythm of life based on the change of seasons, sunrise and sunset.
We also have smaller scale of rythms. Take a deep breath, feel the cool air coming in and the warm air coming out, that forms a mini cycle.
Now we are living in a time that’s more chaotic than ever.
As we went further in the pursuit for efficiency, the notion of rythm became a passive choice made by all the responsibilities that we carry.
Revolve is a wall light that help us anchor ourselves among the chaos.
It is a soft and subtle rhythm reminder.
The changes of color are happening real-time with the change of position of the led light source.
Everytime you look at the light, you always see it anew.
configuration 01
configuration 02
revolve is designed for those who
spend large amount of time in the
same environment.
For college student who lives in dorm, or in a shared apartment, revolve is a synchronized portal to their mystical inner world.
For people who work from home, revolve is a gentle reminder of rythm and balance between work and life.
For roommates who live together, revolve is a dynamic painting that build up the atmosphere in the public living space where they gather and chill together.
The design process started with analysis on people’s relationship with space, time and activities.
Inspired by the research, I started wondering if there could be a portal that lead to another space for them to escape from a confined room, to take a break once in a while.
Having this question in mind, I started a journey experimenting with light to create surreal, ephemeral graphic movement.
Light Quality Studies
Dynamic Lighting
These experiments were full of surprises and unexpected color changes. Moving towards product prototyping, I began to look for ways that would bring these dynamic changes in a more confined environment while reserving the magic.
Prototype 1.0
Prototype 2.0
Prototype 3.0
Prototype 4.0
Revolve is currently under development for getting market ready
as the first product of our brand Kādns

stay tuned :D
Special thanks to:

Daniel Gottlieb
Iris Lu
Tim Li
and Taobao vendors..!!
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