Project Brief

To create an alternative and safe positive environment for teenagers as a mechanism to prevent them from being lured into negative and self-destructive behaviors.

Project Timeline

Jan - Apr 2021
10 week project

The risk of developing depression is 20% higher in urban dwellers than those who live outside the city.

Critically, the longer you spend in an urban environment during childhood and adolescence, the higher your risk of developing mental illness in adulthood.
Mission Statement
To bring teenagers the healing power of being outside, being in the moment.
The goal is to free teenagers from anxiety from overwhelmed information whether from social media or news.
I want to design a space that can guide them to appreciate the beauty of being in the moment. Meanwhile, they can explore freely on creativity and musicality.
I asked around my friends to share their favorite outdoor moments with me. So here it is, a collective memory collage. These photos of footprint in snow, a dragon fly on their hand and a peaceful moment of smelling the tree taught me that happiness lies in the appreciation for little things.
John Cage and his famous "blank" music score.
4′33″ is a piece that consists of the sounds of the environment that the listeners hear while it is performed.
I made some paper models to explore the potential forms that would best represent the feeling of music as well as good for human interaction.
In the heart of art & music
I chose grand park as the location because it is within the art and music area and offers flexible space.
Multiple entry and outlet
This is the road to place the installations. It has multiple entry points from different directions.
soundpath, consisting of a series of acoustic installations. It creates interactive sound experiences in response to pedestrians' motion, allowing everyone to be the composer of a collaborative music piece.
first movement
The first movement is about randomness and surprises that come out of collaboration. Music translates people's footsteps in different notes and rhythm.
second movement
The second movement is about fine-tuning and visualize the music. People can step on the right side to play music. They can too adjust the pitch and volume by waving their hands in front of the screen on the left side.
third movement
The third movement is about going back to nature and appreciate the natural sound. People can walk underneath the installation and enjoy the sound from another place, reach out their hand to hear the birds singing.
How it works
The main structure units are steel extrusions with a profile for locating the led stripe and the plastic cover. Steel extrusion would be covered with resin panel to achive different color and textures.
Close-up views
LA Teenagers
For teenagers, soundpath has unique meanings in two layers.The first layer is to encourage teenagers moving their eyes from the phone screen or anxious inner thoughts to the outdoor environment.The second layer is to provide a platform that build the bridge between underserved teenagers with less resources and a world of technology, art and music.
Concert Audience
For audience of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and LA Opera, soundpath would be a continuing experience after they stepped out of the performance. It would strengthen their appreciation for music. 
LA Tourist
For tourists in LA, soundpath is a free destination where they can enjoy the magic of music and experience the creative energy in the city.
Soundpath is an evolving installation with new installation being set up every year. Selected student winner will collaborate with artist, group of engineers and designers to develop the next pop-up installation
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